Michiel Van Oudheusden is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow at the University of Cambridge working at the intersections of environmental sociology, policy making and digital participation. His current research project GRACE with Jennifer Gabrys considers how grassroots citizen scientists in three world regions (East Asia, Western Europe, Central Africa) mobilize new data devices and technologies to tackle environmental threats; and how formal institutions respond to citizen-driven environmental data practices. With concerned stakeholders, it addresses the challenges and pitfalls that emerge in these processes with the aim of developing mutually responsive environmental data governance approaches.

Van Oudheusden has previously worked at the University of Antwerp (2008-2012), where he researched the politics of participation in Flemish technology assessment. While based at the University of Liège (2012-2015), he compared Flemish and Walloon STI policies. In 2015, he joined the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN, where he studied safety and security governance, citizen-driven radiation monitoring, and regularly reached out to policymakers, scientists, members of civil society, and the public at large, with a view towards inciting responsible research and innovation in the nuclear field. He is affiliated to KU Leuven and a cofounder and coordinator of the FWO-funded Belgian Science, Technology and Society network.